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About The Best India Tours:
The Best India Tours is a leader tour operator in India handling all Inbound and domestic market. Company is offering the exotic tour destinations and the exclusive tour packages to all Indian and foreign national visitors. Having a team of 20 tour specialists and every individual has excellent knowledge of India, so they can offer you the best of best services and can show you the real India. We have our local offices {associates} in all major cities, so we can immediately fulfill the requirements of our clients.

The Best India Tours Expertise:
1. Leisure and Inbound Tour Operations
Having good experience and having excellent contacts with domestic service providers we are superbly equipped to offer group travel programs that accommodate the most out-of-the ordinary interest, wishes or needs. Intimate knowledge of India as a destination makes professional team of The Best India Tours to suggest and make an offer on customize holiday vacations for individual travelers. The INDIAN–heritage, ancient civilization, diverse cultures, vibrant people, colorful clothes, different languages and dialects, palaces, forts, temples, miles of sandy palm fringed beaches, green lagoons and backwaters, flora and fauna of the dense jungles, the Great Himalayas : India offers a destination for every traveler. A land that touches you with the bygone era indulges in the present and tugs your soul through Yoga and Meditation.

2. Pilgrimage Tours
India is a destination with deep religious faith, flow and followers. A destination for pilgrimage tours!! From the holiest of Hindu shrines, Badri Nath located in the Himalayan range and the Buddhist landmarks and temples to Sikhism's Holy of Holies - the Golden Temple of Amritsar, religion plays a central role in Indian lives. India offers a glimpse of the deep religious faith that drives Indians.

3. Royal Train Tours « Palace On Wheels
« Heritage on Wheels
« The Golden Chariot

4. Special Interest and Event Tours
These tours have been designed to suit the interest of a particular group. It is only in the Indian subcontinent that one can find a tour to suit the wishes and fantasies of every one. The choice is unlimited, the offers in-exhaustive. If you think it is not possible to organize your kind of a tour, be ready for a pleasant surprise.

5. Wildlife Tours
6. Medical Tourism
Medical tourism (also called medical travel or health tourism) is a term coined to describe the rapidly-growing practice of traveling to another country to obtain health care. Such services typically include elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgeries within the frame work of law of the land. The customer use informal channels of communication-connection-contract, with less regulatory or legal oversight to assure quality and less formal recourse to reimbursement or redress, if needed. Leisure aspects typically associated with travel and tourism may be included on such medical travel trips. India with its appeal and offer of low cost treatment destination having good infrastructure and hospitals with modern facilities and good team is gaining popularity in Medical Tourism.

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